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Fabric Guide

At Ahfif, we source unique fabric blends from the Los Angeles fabric district to artisanal textiles from the streets of Dehli, to bring to you the perfect scarves to wear. See the fabric descriptions below to determine the best type of scarf fabric for you and your lifestyle. 


BASIC Collection | Cotton Viscose: The essential scarf that comes in a variety of colors for a buildable wardrobe. This scarf is a blend of natural and semi-synthetic fabric that retains its color better when washed. Well-suited for pinning, draping or tying in a turban. 

ELEVATE Collection | Cotton Silk: This Cotton Silk batiste is our most delicate fabric blend, light as a feather with a softness that drapes beautifully. Fine fringe ends convey a relaxed look. Opt for the Cotton Silk blend to elevate your everyday look. 

LUXE Collection | Cotton Wool: Cotton wool scarves are natural fibers that blend into a pure soft and retains warmth naturally. This fabric is quite versatile and suited for cooler weather if worn snugly or warmer weather if worn loosely. When wrapped in a turban, we find that this fabric retains its shape much better than other fabrics. 

REIGN Collection | Cotton Modal: The Cotton Modal is a soft, smooth fabric, not as thin as Cotton Silk and not as thick as Cotton Wool. Opt for Cotton Modal if you prefer a fabric that doesn't require layering. We find this scarf perfect for draping across the shoulder without tucking. 

TERRA Collection | Organic Cotton: Our Terra Collection is organic cotton made from non-genetically modified plants without the use of synthetic chemicals. Obtaining organic cotton comes from very strict supply chains and quantity and quality are regulated internationally. This fabric is best suited for avoiding chemical residue trapped in threads that may cause irritated skin. More importantly, the production of organic cotton is actually the most eco-friendly. Terra Collection releases in 2018.  

Limited Edition | Chiffon and Jersey: Rescued from overproduced fabric from manufacturers, our limited selections of these scarves are hand-picked for quality and comfort. Then they're stitched together with love here in Los Angeles by our in-house designer and seamstress. Once they sell out we may not be able to source the fabric again. 

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