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The women of Ahfif.com are intelligent and inspiring individuals who have incredibly busy lives balancing school, work and family – these are the type of women that Ahfif.com hopes to help make their lives a little easier by making their shopping experience that much more convenient. We are so thankful for everyone who continue to support us throughout our launch. Below are a some responses from our members of their experiences with Ahfif:



Salaam Ahfif! I just wanted to express how much I am loving my cotton/wool hajibs – I first ordered a black one from you a couple of weeks ago – and then placed ANOTHER order right away for 3 more in different colors + the Chalk Cardigan by Inayah. I LOVE THEM ALL! So… I placed another order today… Thank you for helping me feel fantastic wearing hijab – I’ve only just started wearing the scarf and truly appreciate being able to express my own personal sense of style alongside my faith. iA! Keep up the good work! – Brooke, Ahfif Member 

Salaam Ahfif Team! Thank you so much for offering such amazing promotions and opportunities to purchase such unique pieces of clothing (and of course the accessories too!).  Whenever I have any issues or emergency inquiries, then your team is always so quick to reply! Looking forward to more of your amazing sales!! – Fatema 🙂


I’m loving my order from Ahfif! Thank you for answering my questions so promptly and for offering advice on which Inayah dress would fit my body type best 🙂 Everything fit perfectly and your team is so quick and courteous! Even got my shipment fast! Your service is awesome – Ahfif Member


To the Ahfif Team, I just wanted to first commend you on your customer service. I’m so proud of our Muslim sisters taking this online shopping experience up a notch! I seriously was impressed at how you handled my order – it was delayed but you made up for it with kindness and a gift. This is how you make lifetime customers. Way to go ladies! I pray your business is blessed with success. – Shabnam, Ahfif Member


Funny story but I’ve been wanting to buy from inayah for a while now but have been hesitant because of the shipping costs and that it would be difficult to return items if i didn’t end up liking them. And today after dhuhur I thought to myself I wish they had a supplier in the us that sold their clothing and subhanallah I get on instagram and found your website! Please continue to do this! We really need more stores in the US that provide hijabis with fashionable yet modest clothing such as long cardigans, skirts, long sleeve dresses without the added costs of shipping and worrying how they are going to turn out! It makes it so much easier to follow the requirements of the hijab. Thank you! – Ronia, Ahfif Member

“Wow – I’m impressed. Just got my order and it is packaged so beautifully! The personal note, the card, Ramadan greeting, neatly wrapped tissue in addition to my gorgeous Inayah dress. Keep it up, this boutique is a gem! Can’t wait to order again!” -Anisa, Ahfif Member


“Ahfif is literally my favorite shopping site, there’s free shipping (and returns!) and have different styles they “hijabify” on their IG- it’s like everything I love about online shopping in one place”-Ahfif Member


“After receiving the two skirts that I ordered from Ahfif.com I was so happy because they were (1) very affordable, (2) very good quality, (3) they fit perfectly, and (4) they sent me two $10 coupons as a thank you for shopping with them! I wouldn’t have found skirts like this anywhere else! Thank you so much Ahfif! I will continue buying stuff from your site!” -Ahfif Member


“I recommend Ahfif.com to all my friends. I always get compliments when I wear something I purchased from the site. My favs are my cashmere and silk sweaters! Customer service usually responds in minutes to my questions. I returned an item that didn’t fit with no problem and didn’t have to pay return shipping. Oh, did I say shipping is free!” – Ahfif Member


“I am absolutely in love with Ahfif! The clothes are just gorgeous. I love the variety of scarves and I always get complimented. If I have a question about one of their products, they are always so quick to answer and have terrific customer service. I’m always eyeing their maxi dresses. Ahfif is my go-to store – I want it to get bigger and more successful because this is the boutique that we Muslimas need! I love recommending them to all my family and friends. P.S. They are getting hooked too! – Ahfif Member


Just ordered for Eid – and I absolutely LOVE my Inayah purchase! And the quick shipment, great service. I asked a bunch of questions about the item before I purchased and got really good advice and sweet responses. They fit just as described, I’m so excited to find Ahfif, you guys are amazing! – Ahfif Member


I just wanted to let you know that I am so excited to find out about your company! I have been searching for sooo long for what you guys have! I actually have a very close friend, —– who told me about you guys! Anyways can’t wait to get a look into your items and stock up!! Thank you ladies for all that you do 🙂 – Ahfif Member



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